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"Our Unloading Service will Contribute to your Bottom Line!"

FMG Announces “Best Price Program”

June 18, 2015 Over the past several years unloading services providers created pricing variables during the RFI & RFP process to entice warehouse operators to use their service. After inflating unloading prices some of the variables were (or still are) dock usage fees, rebates and volume discounts that are subtracted from the billing. Last year we experimented with several cold
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Selling the “added values”

As a sales/ marketing person I’m always starting a conversation with a potential customer by stating the obvious advantages of using a 3rd party inbound freight unloading service like FMG. More dependable, productivity paid associates that can help reduce labor and overtime costs etc., etc., etc and so on. But as fast as I can and before we talk about
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FMG takes “Green Initiative”

Taking advantage of local energy supplier National Grid’s Small Business Program, Freight Management Group took a step towards reducing it’s energy demand and costs by implementing the recommended improvements and installing new efficient equipment at their headquarters located in Syracuse, NY. Freight Management Group is proud to have taken advantage of the “Green Initiative” by upgrading lighting both inside and
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Who We Are

During the past 18 years FMG has expanded operations to cover 20 states. This expansion is due to the company’s customized labor programs, Incentive Pricing and a willingness to staff for customer’s special needs.


Our Focus

Client’s needs and concerns come first. Our partnerships provide OSHA certified associates that are fully insured and managed on site. Our goal is to help give clients a competitive advantage in their industry by controlling operating costs while improving performance.


Our Services

FMG is a 3rd party provider for dock unloading/loading and dock management services. Efficient dock management will turn your receiving into a profit center! FMG provides reliable, performance based associates that have been successful in pre-employment testing and background checks. Associates are experienced handling all types of loads in various temperatures. FMG also provides customers with an Incentive Pricing rate on
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